Classic Classic Rolex Logs Women Series 116201 watch review

Rolex brand, whether in China or other countries is a ring of the brand, because it is a solid workmanship and the creation of many swiss replica watches history in a number of innovative inventions such as the first in the world's first dustproof waterproof watch, The first can automatically convert the date of the calendar and so on. Rolex more well-known product series are: explorer type, submarine type, yacht celebrity type, Di Tong Na, log type and so on. Today to tell you is from the Rolex log type of a watch, it is the Rolex Logs Women Series 36 Series 116201 watch. Dial is similar to the rose gold color and bracelet with the color of the match, 36 mm dial with 10 diamonds inlaid, and dial on the use of the Rolex alphabet engraved patterns to decorate the dial. Rolex is also the most dazzling LOGO logo, Rolex watches the first sign for a finger out of the fingers, it means that the brand's watch is entirely hand-crafted. Later gradually evolved into the crown of the registered trademark to show its dominance in the field of watches. Case thickness is 12 mm, in the mechanical watch is considered a little thick product, this watch is used cal.3135 movement, this movement is 6 mm thick than the general movement to be thick so the overall Case will be thicker. Log type is used in the shape of the commemorative replica watch chain. Side to see the bracelet every detail and section to do or quite perfect, and there is no protruding or uncoordinated part. There are also Rolex logo, there are watch number information, through this information can identify whether the genuine Rolex one of the methods, if you want to identify their own watch is a real thing see our previous article "how Identify fake Rolex editors to teach you " Memorial bracelet internal work is also quite praise, wear is also very docile comfortable, and there is no discomfort. Log-type watch is a real-time calendar jump mechanism, with a 2.5 times to enlarge the anti-radiation coating of small windows, you can grasp the details of each change. In addition to the 12 o'clock position and 3 o'clock position on the dial, inlaid with 10 diamonds. Joined the diamond elements will soon appear this watch feminine a lot, because the uk replica watches diamond has been associated with the beauty, is the beauty of obsessed with a high-end luxury goods. You can zoom in 2.5 times the actual effect of small bay windows, we can clearly see the dial on the carved texture, this amplification is still very worthy of recognition and also uses anti-reflective coating technology, more convenient and accurate reading. Rolex LOGO everywhere, people always remember that this is a product of Rolex. In fact, there are points in the Rolex log type DateJust and Date small series, their main difference is DateJust diameter 36mm, Date diameter 34mm. Date is Oyster straps, and DateJust uses Oyster or Jubilee straps. DateJust is more expensive. But they use the same movement. Rolex classic Oyster case can achieve superior waterproof performance, if you want to open this isolated seal case in addition to the need for a professional equipment have to use more than 5 Newton meters of torque, is such a solid case To protect your watch from collisions, stress, dust, and water. Summary: This watch is used in the name of the king of automatic winding cal.3135 movement, one of the biggest features is the calendar calendar function, calendar jump jump lever at the end of the installation of a limit to play a role in the ruby ​​roll Axis, so that in addition to be able to play the calendar beating the king can accurately reduce the friction to effectively improve the role of power. Can provide 50 hours of power reserve, with 2 adjustable weight, Breguet-style hairspring, KIF shock absorber. Thus ensuring the accuracy of this watch travel time and stability.